Acoustic Roses
Kara's Songs Without Words, Vol. 1
Too Close For Comfort

Piano solo album - original works by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Acoustic Roses,' I selected some of my favorite piano pieces out of those that I've composed over the past 15 years. It was a journey to arrive at this collection, and I want to share that journey with my listeners – love stories, elation, romance, passion, conflict, dissonance, resolution, etc.” - Jesse Donovan

"Fans of piano by Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky et al

are likely to appreciate “Acoustic Roses” by Donovan." - S. McCauley - Music Talkers

Piano & Violin Duo, 5-song EP - original works by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Kara's Songs Without Words, Vol. I,' I worked on creating moving melodies and simple themes that form intimate exchanges between the violin and piano -  embellished with the occasional flourish -  seeking the balance of humor and pathos that these two instruments can create together.” - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy works by Yanni, John Tesh, Kitaro, Joe Hisaishi, Shardad Rohani, etc., you'll definitely enjoy this collection of works by Jesse Donovan.

Guitar & Vocal solo album - original songs by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Too Close For Comfort,' I selected some of my favorites from songs I've written for guitar and vocals that will take the listener on a path through the throws of love, beauty, brokenness, loneliness, dreams, hopefulness, and more,” - Jesse Donovan

"With such powerful and intelligent songwriting, Jesse Donovan...  [is] reverting to simpler, purer forms of authentic Americana music with an indie twist." - Rick @ TUNEDLOUD! Magazine

If you like Colin Meloy, Ben Gibbard, Donovan, The Beatles

Relation Ships

In this epic adventure, Jesse Donovan's most popular lyrical songs manifest in full-band instrumentation, to take the listener across time and space, through multiple genres, and back home to the heart.

"For 'Relation Ships,' I aimed to write simple and moving melodies and lyrics that evolved from images in my imagination and elements of my life experiences. I spent 10 years refining the selection and production of this album, to arrive at something I'm proud of, and I trust you'll enjoy." - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy The Decembrists, Death Cab, Frank Zappa, Roy Orbison, Postal Service, The Beatles, and anything in-between, you're sure to enjoy 'Relation Ships.'

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A concept album - a journey from death to life
New Power Metal Concept Album Out Now!

Within this odyssey, Jesse fleshes out the darker side of his reality in the form of symphonic power metal.

"For 'Ashes and Thorns,' I aimed to create something more personal - capturing my experience with chronic illness in the form of a concept album. It all came to me so quickly durning the ups and downs. I personally feel that I wrote all of this music faster than I've ever composed in my life, and I have a special connection with this music like none I've ever written. I hope that my story so far can resonate with plenty of folks. This is my journey over the past couple years in the form of music." - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy Conception, Epica, Kamelot, Classic Queensrÿche, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, and anything in-between, you're sure to enjoy 'Ashes and Thorns.'

My Morning Light

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3-song symphonic power metal single. Written in loving memory of Jesse's beloved grandmother, Mildred, whom he called Gran. The first song depicts highlighted memories of their time together, and the title of the release, "My Morning Light" is also a title he reserves for her. 

"For 'My Morning Light,' I primarily wanted to release this song I'd written for Gran, which I also named in honor of her, as she has always been such a bright and shining source of hope, love, encouragement, friendship, and wisdom in my life. So the release title and the first song are titled with words that reflect what I think of this wonderful woman that I was privileged to know for 33 years. The second and third songs visit struggles in my life that she helped me through regarding interpersonal relationships and health. Gran got to hear her song early on in its conception and again when it was complete. I'm so glad that I got to share these melodies and words with her, to reflect together on our uniquely close connection over the years." - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy Conception, Epica, Kamelot, Classic Queensrÿche, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, and anything in-between, you're sure to enjoy 'My Morning Light.'

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