About Jesse

Hello! My name is Jesse Donovan. I am a composer. I am an artist and musician. I perform in sounds and colors. My life is not about me; it is about what I can give to others. Where I am trained and gifted, experienced and impassioned, I long to share, to touch lives.

My grandmother introduced me to the love of all things musical and artistic, as did my father, getting me involved from the time that I was old enough to press a record button on a tape deck or hold an instrument while he set up the mic's. Gran and both of my parents always encouraged me to pursue my passions for music, art, literature, and acting, and I began composing and performing in professional capacities long before I furthered my music and arts education in college. I also studied many sciences and have a passion therein as well. I received my degree in computer technologies by 2010. In the 10+ years since finishing my college degrees, I have employed my abilities in every way that I can in order to reach out and share my passion with others, hoping to spark something of life and joy within them. For years, my work has been featured in multiple special occasions, productions and live venues. I collaborated with my partner from 2015-2018 in an online and live performance platform (Circles and Sounds) that allowed us, together, to have fun and perform all over the country, east to west coast. Since an environmentally induced illness in 2018, I have been working entirely remotely with clients to fulfill their visions for various productions in numerous musical, VA/VO, AV capacities. 

I believe that art and music should speak with flexibility and power to people in all walks of life, to their needs, addressing them in a way that words alone never can. That's what I aim for in my work, coming from my heart.

I believe in ardent study and practice in order to create and perform skillfully with passion, originality, and versatility. If my art and music touches one life, that, to me, is success.

I also compose and perform music for: 

Video Games | Films | Special Events | Organizations | Themes | Promotional Ads

Composition - Degree and 25 years experience

- Piano - Degree and 28 years experience

- Guitar - Classical studies and 19 years experience

- Drums - Technical studies and 28 years experience

- Vocals - Classical studies and 22 years experience

- Bass Guitar - 19 years experience

Other instruments and skills also apply.

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A Bit of Press:

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