About Jesse

Heya! I’m Jesse Donovan AKA... (I have many names... but this is one that my friends call me.) I am a shadow producer. (Okay, okay I’m a ghost producer who happens to be goth, so I call it shadow...)

Ever heard of a ghostwriter? That’s what I have done for about two decades now, but instead of writing books, I do anything from writing/fleshing out/ co-writing, producing, performing (different instruments), recording, mixing, and mastering artists’ songs. I have mixed/recorded over 50 albums worth of music, (about 800 songs), that I’ve kept track of over the years, (not to mention many other side projects and lost works, film projects and others), and also played instruments (and in many cases most instruments/vocals/ mastering) on those as well. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of cool people, and those memories are mine, my personal library.

So I’ve been busy, and what you see here is the tip of my iceberg - that’s how I like it.

Many years ago, at the beginning of my career, I found a strong, negative energy around “name dropping” in the music and entertainment industries. I decided that I wanted to work in said worlds, but only if I could do so without name dropping or having my name dropped. I do some work through my name here nowadays, (mostly for fun and a little profit), but that’s a more recent development. In that regard, you can accept me for the merits of the work you see displayed here, or you can choose not to. Either way is fine. I am a private person, and (though I’m starting to share a lot more publicly than I used to), I like to keep that small. I keep most of my work uncredited or pseudonymous. You can contact me if you’re interested in working with me, though I do take limited clients by choice through this “channel”.

In a similar capacity, I have worked as a voice impressionist, character actor, and voice actor for over 15 years mixed in. Some of that I offer here now too under the Jesse Donovan name (as well as a couple others you may have come across this site by ;)

Now, what I will share a bit of is what my experience is, (speaking for myself, not a bunch of *name droppings*!) So you can read this, have a listen/look around to see if you like what I put out for mostly fun *icing on the cake* these days. I’ve even spent some of my time recently playing with fan projects, like those over at Zelda Universe (check the site for that stuff). So who knows what I’ll do next to share on this odd little site of mine?

My story: Long away and far ago... In a falaxy gar away... At the tawn of dime... When the earth was young and the first trees were but saplings, there was the Dark Lord Donovan. And they were arts and sciences. He took form, and she made their kingdom of... never mind that - here’s my human stuff that I’ve done with finger sticks and leg trunks, earses, eyes, and tongues - represented in numbers, years, Oxford commas, and things: have fun reading about me like the contents of your cereal!

“Jesse Donovan”
Nutritional Facts?:

I also compose and perform music for: 

Video Games | Films | Special Events | Organizations | Themes | Promotional Ads

Composition - Degree and 30 years experience

- Piano - Degree and 32 years experience

- Guitar - Classical studies and 24 years experience

- Drums - Technical studies and 32 years experience

- Vocals - Classical studies and 28 years experience

- Bass Guitar - 24 years experience

Other instruments and skills also apply.

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