Acoustic Roses
Kara's Songs Without Words, Vol. 1
Too Close For Comfort

Piano solo album - original works by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Acoustic Roses,' I selected some of my favorite piano pieces out of those that I've composed over the past 15 years. It was a journey to arrive at this collection, and I want to share that journey with my listeners – love stories, elation, romance, passion, conflict, dissonance, resolution, etc.” - Jesse Donovan

"Fans of piano by Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky et al

are likely to appreciate “Acoustic Roses” by Donovan." - S. McCauley - Music Talkers

Piano & Violin Duo, 5-song EP - original works by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Kara's Songs Without Words, Vol. I,' I worked on creating moving melodies and simple themes that form intimate exchanges between the violin and piano -  embellished with the occasional flourish -  seeking the balance of humor and pathos that these two instruments can create together.” - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy works by Yanni, John Tesh, Kitaro, Joe Hisaishi, Shardad Rohani, etc., you'll definitely enjoy this collection of works by Jesse Donovan.

Guitar & Vocal solo album - original songs by Jesse Donovan.

"For 'Too Close For Comfort,' I selected some of my favorites from songs I've written for guitar and vocals that will take the listener on a path through the throws of love, beauty, brokenness, loneliness, dreams, hopefulness, and more,” - Jesse Donovan

"With such powerful and intelligent songwriting, Jesse Donovan...  [is] reverting to simpler, purer forms of authentic Americana music with an indie twist." - Rick @ TUNEDLOUD! Magazine

If you like Colin Meloy, Ben Gibbard, Donovan, The Beatles

Relation Ships

In this epic adventure, Jesse Donovan's most popular lyrical songs manifest in full-band instrumentation, to take the listener across time and space, through multiple genres, and back home to the heart.

"For 'Relation Ships,' I aimed to write simple and moving melodies and lyrics that evolved from images in my imagination and elements of my life experiences. I spent 10 years refining the selection and production of this album, to arrive at something I'm proud of, and I trust you'll enjoy." - Jesse Donovan

If you enjoy The Decembrists, Death Cab, Frank Zappa, Roy Orbison, Postal Service, The Beatles, and anything in-between, you're sure to enjoy 'Relation Ships.'